Branded Title

What are Branded Title Vehicles and why are they the "New Standard" for Smart Car Shoppers

Cars depreciate. It’s a fact of life. By purchasing your vehicle at the lowest possible price, you can minimize that depreciation and get more value out of your vehicle over time.

Better Decisions Come from Better Education

When it comes to buying a vehicle, the days of "more money = higher quality" and "buying new is better" are over. These misconceptions have led many shoppers to pay too much for their vehicles. Informed car buyers are now realizing how much money they can save when purchasing their next vehicle. Better access to accurate information is helping to create thousands of smart shoppers and educated consumers who understand the cost-saving benefits of the branded title vehicles we have for sale. "Paying less for more" is the smarter option for car and truck buyers these days--and as a result, HIGH LINE customers couldn't be happier with our branded title cars for sale!

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What is a Branded Title?

When an insurance company buys a vehicle back from a customer it receives a branded title. It is then sold at an insurance auction. There are lots of reasons cars end up at an insurance auction: hail damage, theft recovery, accidents, etc.

A branded title simply means that a vehicle has been in an incident that requires insurance involvement--that's it. Even if the repairs are done professionally, the insurance company may still assign the vehicle a branded title, often referred to as a salvaged or rebuilt title. Unfortunately, what many buyers don't know is in many cases, a vehicle with a branded title required only minor repairs and is still in excellent condition.

The Solution

At HIGH LINE, we provide our customers with a dependable, quality vehicle, an exceptional experience and a SIGNIFICANT cost savings. In other words, everyone wins!

Why Should You Buy a Branded Vehicle?
  • Why Should You Buy a Branded Vehicle?
  • Get more bang for your buck, savings of $5,000 – $15,000 depending on the type of car.
  • Fully inspected, reliable and safe.
  • You can buy a newer/nicer car for less money
  • You lose less money over time as your car depreciates
  • You can finance them at the same rates through your local credit unions.
  • You can purchase an extended warranty for almost any car on our lot.
  • Vehicle service contracts available up to 60 Months and 100,000 Miles
  • Own a newer model vehicle with less miles
  • Get more features and quality for LESS MONEY
  • Less money means lower monthly payments

“Can I finance a vehicle with a branded title?”
Financing a branded title car, SUV, or truck isn’t that different from financing a new or used car without a branded title.
Rates are usually the same or similar.

Branded vehicles are an overlooked and misunderstood purchase opportunity. Searching for a new vehicle is often a multi-faceted negotiation process that can lead to dissatisfaction and/or over-spending. Oftentimes, a car buyer must sacrifice needs and wants for price--but when purchasing a branded title vehicle, this simply is not the case. A large number of vehicles that have been assigned a branded title by an insurance company often have very minimal damage, which in many cases is just cosmetic. Many of these vehicles can easily be fully restored and repaired. Our goal is to return the vehicle to its fully operating condition. So, the buyer (that means you) receives an attractive, sound, fully-functioning vehicle at a significant cost savings.

At HIGH LINE, we take extreme pride in our inspection process before we put a branded title car or truck up for sale. We invest a great deal of time and effort to make sure the vehicles we offer are dependable and safe for you and your family! Quality, accuracy, reliability, and SAVING YOU MONEY “Our customer comes first”

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What Types of Vehicles Get Branded?

Every day, vehicles are damaged, assigned a branded title and salvaged. This may be due to a single car collision or sometimes an unexpected event that causes damage to a large number of cars simultaneously. In both cases, the damaged cars can be easily repaired. What a waste of perfectly good cars that just need a little TLC! This practice of restoring minimally damaged vehicles is highly economical and beneficial to our environment and planet.

These are the most common types of branded titles:

Thousands of accidents happen every day, resulting in very minor damage to a complete loss. The knowledgeable professionals at HIGH LINE are experts in finding only the best post-collision, "branded title" vehicles available. Each vehicle we sell is fully restored and operational.

A car may become branded if it has been involved in any kind of water damage or flood; however, many branded vehicles have only been exposed to a few inches of water, often barely enough to make it up to the rims! Imagine having the option to purchase an undamaged vehicle assigned a branded title due to standing water that never reached higher than the tires.
HIGH LINE is highly selective about our inventory. Any flood-impacted vehicles that we sell are held to the highest standard. A strict adherence of this policy ensures that our customers receive vehicles restored to their previous condition, or better.

A hail storm can be a very unexpected and fast-acting event that leaves otherwise perfectly sound vehicles with broken glass and a pitted exterior. A brand-new vehicle right off the showroom floor can be damaged by hail, resulting in a branded title. Many buyers can reap the benefits of purchasing a brand new vehicle with a branded title, at an exceptional savings.

Every 44 seconds a car is stolen in the United States. Circumstances involving theft can sometimes lead to a branded title, and vehicles are often recovered with little to no damage. This offers car buyers the unique opportunity to purchase a great car for a reduced price. Our customers can rest assured that every theft-recovered vehicle is clean, safe and fully inspected.

HIGH LINE is proud to be a branded title vehicle dealer and we are fully-committed to providing our customers with only the best--always. We are completely dedicated to offering exceptional cars and trucks at unbeatable prices. Our professionals are knowledgeable, highly respected and enthusiastic about branded title vehicles. Is it our goal to create an experience that fosters long-term relationships within our customers--and our community.